KKPMRS 26/2014

Dah lama tak update blog.
2 years ago...

Alhamdulillah... everything went well.
Just got married to Zuhair bin Azizul Rahman.
5 months ago. hihi..

Now, he has a course at Port Dickson.
Hope he will be ok! 

Next, my course... KKPMRS 26/14
3th Aug 2014
It will be end.

Today.. my comrades & me have an #iftar
at Non Royal Restaurant
Just us..
1st time we have a dinner together
Usually we hang out with our senior officer
Because our OC went for #iftar with his students

A moment to remember with comrades..
Zila Zana Pn Mar Pn Nouri
Tn Ron Kucai Mazhar Rahmat Dol
Rahman Dayat Ijat Soleh Zaim
Nazreen Afif 

Ni piala ktorg
When the guys won the futsal tournament
We organized the tournament
Everything went well and we got weekend..
Pray for my best... 

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